Plumy (resosphere) wrote,

DCBB 2013 - Art master post for "Wild & wasted water"

Title: Wild & wasted water
Artist: resosphere
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Fic summary: Castiel has become Dean's caretaker when he lands himself in a mental health facility after the death of his brother. Castiel searches for a way to regain the lover he's lost.
Fic link : On AO3

Castiel taking care of Dean in his room :

Castiel talking to Death :

Artist's comment : My first participation to the deancasbigbang ! (I'm in the Supernatural fandom since only one year) It was weird working for something else than my usual writer, and it was an interesting experience ! I hope you were happy working with my Mara >w<

Note : Thoses drawing were cross posted on my tumblr account here : [x]

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